Charles Gayle [tenor saxophone, piano] Ksawery Wojcinski [bass] Klaus Kugel [drums]

CHARLES GAYLE TRIO - Charles Gayle [tenor saxophone, piano] Ksawery Wojcinski [double bass] Klaus Kugel [drums]

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Charles Gayle - tenor saxophone, piano
Ksawery Wojcinski - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

"There is no player on the scene today with the emotional wallop of Charles Gayle. His later discs - particularly Ancient of Days - manifest a mature improvisational talent that can stand with any saxophonist's today."

- Robert Spencer, AllAboutJazz, USA

"Kugel and Wojcinski are a marvelous pair, eschewing, for the most part, traditional rhythm section roles in favor of rhythmic exploration."
- John Barron, TheJazzWord, USA

____________________________________________[trio photo by Arne Raanaas]
"it was a joy to get so close to the heart of jazz's free spirit which Charles Gayle exemplified with such elegance, and which was complemented with magnanimity by WójciƄski and Kugel." - Geoff Winston, October 2013, UK

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BBC recording)
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